Tuesday, May 26, 2009

NIghtime walk in London

We were lucky to get upgraded to 1st class on our flight to London. We enjoyed comfy reclining chairs, gourmet food, great entertainment, and endless drinks. After taking a much needed nap, we hit the town to have a yummy meal in the West End and on to a romantic walk along the Thames. Here is a picture from that walk. We went on to try to visit our old clubbing stomping grounds at the Sports Cafe in Piccadilly Circus, but they were way too posh for us with their dress code, cover charge, and line to get in. Today, we're hoping to re-visit the British Museum. Jeff recalls thinking of a Simpson's episode the last time we were there. "Give my regards to the British Museum!" Chief Wiggum said to Bart as he locked him in an Egyption Pyramid Tomb.

Tonight, we are off to Uganda! Jeff has an exciting new project introducing computers into one of the schools where he is working. The laptops were provided through a great program called One Laptop Per Child (www.laptop.org). And I will be working double hard on collecting lots of great data and samples from the red colobus monkeys.
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Monday, May 25, 2009


We came home for a few months and while we had access to good internet service, we wanted to post some pictures. So of course, we waited until the very last second while we are hanging out in London on our layover heading BACK to Uganda. We hope you enjoy these images from the first part of our trip.

Out to dinner on our first night in Uganda. Enjoying one of Kampala's excellent Indian Restaurants.

At Murchison Falls National Park. Walking up the Falls on the Nile River. Murchison Falls is known as the most powerful waterfall on the Nile.

Crocodile on the Nile.
View from the Top of Murchison Falls

And More Animals...

The Family Visit: Krista's Mom and Sister came for the Holidays!!!

I think I'll have the fish....

During one of Jeff's drawing contests.

Here's to hoping for many more months of fun in Uganda. And definitely for staying safe and healthy! Hope you all continue to read the blog and enjoy...

Torro Dance Video

Here is a video of a local dance group that preformed for us while Krista's family was visiting. These traditional dances always feature drums, girls with short grass skirts around their waists, and guys with seeds on the lower legs that rattle when they stomp.